Which is better a trans escort being pre op or post op

Which is better a trans escort being pre op or post op

Which is better a trans escort being pre op & post op This question is complete preference, you can’t just come in and say you like this and this better.
It’s boils down to watch turns you on, most trans escorts actually idolise there cocks! It’s what mainly keeps them in demand. Most clients actually prefer for the trans escort to have all her sexual components.

It’s a great way for them to experience the ts escort experience properly.

It’s doesn’t make the Transgender any less feminine and it doesn’t make the client any more less straight.

It’s the fantasy of tasting a beautiful shemales Cock in your mouth who would Not want that.

Feel it grow in your hand or mouth taste it keep you in complete ecstasy. That’s the beautify of being with a trans escort who is pre-op she is beautiful and so feminine, But she still has this exotic surprise between her legs which keeps your blood pumping. That’s really the only difference between a pre op and post op. Personally I prefer the Cock then again I’m biased. If you don’t that perfect to but trans escorts don’t normally escort if there post-op as it’s more a lifestyle choice.

We just want to let all the sexy transsexual escorts in the world know that we love you all just the way you are.
& the clients are craving for there taste
Of the shecock, most transgender women absolutely love being different, they are so feminine and beautiful & sexy, & Fully functional! Who would not want to be with a sexy shemale and experience her in all her full glory and enjoy every inch of her. They are delicate and fragile beings who deserve to be treated with care and respect, that in it self will make the shemale escort make sure you really enjoy your experience.

What’s the best size Cock for me?

Once again it comes down to preference, Shemale
will come in all sizes.
Some are suited to more towards the first timers others are suited more towards the experienced trans escorts.
Clients have different tastes.

Some prefer a smaller Cock as they want something that they can enjoy playing with and touching, other clients are not to bothered as they are experienced and enjoy the discomfort that comes with the bigger cocks.

size depends also on what you actually want to experience first hand. Trans escorts are experts at all things sexual, if it’s your first Time being penetrated then Personally it would make sense to try a shemale on the smaller side,

just to avoid any dis-comfort, shemale escorts Are also extremely diverse it what they do, you won’t find a instant where trans escorts are not happy to oblige to your needs. Trans escorts are actually encouraging to try new things.

Some clients prefer to play with Cock and Ass but are not to keen on being penetrated if that’s the case then size isn’t really a concern as you won’t be penetrated.

You can expect plenty of patience from a trans escort, & complete discretion and hygiene, you should always make sure your freshly showered and clean all over. It just make the whole experience beautiful.

Shemale escort will be absolutely spotless head to toe, you will smell nothing but soap, no one hair on her body.

Everywhere will be exotically clean for your discretion. Shemale
Escorts are the ones who will take you to great heights &
Show you that sexual boundaries can always and will be pushed they are they are the reason why you will be hooked and keep coming back for more & more.

What kind of sexual experience can I have with a post op trans & pre -op

Well simply with a pre-op transsexual the experience will be the reason why your looking for a trans escort, that sexual high.

To have that beautiful shecock in your mouth and hand just feel it grow will you can get enough, shemale escorts are great at roleplay.

So if you are a first timer do let them know so they can reveal there magic stick to you slowly, which will absolutely drive you crazy, trans escorts are fully functional with there cocks, & they use them well.

Of course a lot of Shemale escorts can produce sperm As well but not quite like a red blooded male, it’s a very intimate act which the shemale escort might charge extra for depending how horny she gets.

Remember a trans escort is the greatest sexual experience you will ever have, they have the most slender and athletic bodies, tight in all the right spots. With there curvy tight asses they will have you craving every inch of them over and over again.

Of course some people prefer the post op experience,
Personally we don’t see the point as a shemale escort having a cock doesn’t make her less feminine then other. Hey where not hear to judge only to spread the knowledge.

Most Shemale Escorts that are post operation are not actually escorting. For some it’s a lifestyle choice which they make and they stick with.as you can probably imagine it’s a major surgical change that comes with complications sometimes.

But don’t worry they have to tight holes for you to play with now.
So not only the back but also the front. Shemale escorts are sexy and feminine no matter pre-op
Or post op just go with the flow and enjoy the sexual experience of your life

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