Transvestite and crossdressers what are the Difference

transvestite and crossdressers what are the Diffrence

it’s not complicated a transvestite is someone who is becoming a trans escort or trans person, a cross dresser is someone who does it more for the sexual pleasure of dressing in women’s clothes doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with it it’s just what some people prefer to experience with, of course they both are completely different from a trans escort or ladyboy escort,

but normally it’s where the transition starts from, you can find a lot of transvestite and cross dressers in gay clubs and bars, cross dressers are actually living normal lives most of the time. If there respect genders but tend to cross dress for there own sexual or private pleasure.

You would be surprised the amount of men that actually enjoy dressing in women’s clothes. It’s more common then you would actually think. Transvestite on the other hand tend to try and live within in there chosen gender, but havernt made that complete transition to live 24/7 in there chosen gender.

It’s a decision which takes time, as with everything they have to make the right choice which suits there lifestyle. You can also find a handful of transvestites in drag shows, which is quite common, they great at performances it’s actually a great way to connect with some open minded individuals who enjoy the company of like minded people.  

What’s the best way to connect with transvestite & cross-dressers

Internet! That’s probably the best and most safe option. If you are new to the LGBT scene then the internet is your best option, there are plenty of sites for cross dressers and tranvestites all over the internet, not necessarily escorting sites as shemale escorts tend to escort the above are more curiosity.

That’s why a transvestite will not have breasts or a lot of surgery done as they have not made that decision to completely commit to the lifestyle, unlike trans escorts and ladyboy escorts who are and have been living in there chosen gender for years, crossdresses are easy to connect with as a lot of men choose to dress in women’s clothes as it’s gratifying for them. It’s what they enjoy in there sexual pleasure.
Nothing wrong with it! It’s much more excepted in this day & age. A lot of straight men actually wear there wife’s or girlfriends clothes it’s because they just love the feel of it, some find it really comfortable more then men’s underwear. As mentioned previously this is a lifestyle choice. Doesnt automatically mean if a man dresses in women’s clothes he is gay actually quite the opposite, most clients who do tend to dress in women’s clothes are in healthy relationships and have no plan on changing there gender, they are choosing to experience this in there private sexual life.

That’s what’s amaZing about the transgender world there are so many open minded erotic stuff for you to do, that it’s just endless the amount of joy you will bring to yourself over and over again, don’t hesitate and embarrass your sexual desires, you want to wear women’s clothes do it! Nobody or nothing should stop you from living out your fantasy or desires.

We say the more the better the deeper the sexier. Social media and the internet has played a great deal in to making all this more excepting especially when you see your favourite celebrity cross dressing which in it self makes you admire there Courage. 

How to connect with open minded People

There are of sites and forums for transvesites and there admires to connect on. Plenty it’s just looking in the right place. You can also find a few transvestite escorts Aswell.

Not really that popular but they can certainly Found, there are just a great ball of energy to be around and are so open minded and excepting, there originate from all walks of life, doctors to lawyers,there isn’t a certain type of person that will cross dress or be a transvestite, some people do it more as a part time hobby just on the weekend or while they are playing a show dressed as a drag Queen, it’s all very glamorous stuff.

You can connect with some great transvestite if you visit some Broadway shows, it’s a brilliant way for you to connect with other people who are also in to dressing up, it’s something which over the years has become more and more excepting, cross dresses sometimes share ideas on forums or groups that they have created on Facebook.

best way and places for them to cross dress,they love to bounce ideas which way is the best to apply make up and stuff on this nature, another great way to connect with people who are open minded to crossdressing is shemale escorts they specially cater to clients who enjoy wearing women’s clothes, it’s something not all do, But it’s definitely something which if offered, it all boils down to connecting with the right people down the right channels. It’s a great world once you actually get your foot in, & surprising not as un common as one might assume.

It’s a practise which is enjoyed by millions all over the world. Some tend to dress up just for there own pleasure and home or underneath there normal clothes, from what I have heard it’s a comforting feeling which they get and that’s what has them hooked on dressing over and over again.

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