Gender Labels and Their Differences

Gender Labels and Their Differences

In a world where there is gender labelling, there are some people that may not understand the differences involved. So in this article, we will attempt to explain the transgender term, what it entails and all the variables involved.
In many London escort reviews, you will find the term “Shemale” or “Transsexual.” These are quite popular in the escort industry and you might have been curious to know the exact meaning of both. You may have even stayed shy of them both because of not knowing.

Transgender comes under the umbrella or category of difference in the gender that was assigned to a person at bright. Transsexual falls under the transgender term, but it is more specific.
You should never use this word unless you are given permission to do so because it can be quite contentious since there is a societal bias associated with the word. People use the term ‘transgender’ and ‘transsexual’ in the same sentence to describe a specific gender. It is best to know the difference before getting into any such conversation.

The Transgender

Who is a transgender individual? This term could mean any specific thing to specific people. There are different labels given to the transgender in describing their gender. It can be quite confusing if you are not privy to it. 

For instance, someone who is born female, but feels more like a male than a female could be classified as transgender. The opposite is also true for someone who is born male but feels like a female than a male could be put in the same category. A transgender will sometimes answer to terms like ìtranny'” or ìtrans.” These terms are accepted because they convey the concept that the assigned gender at birth does not accurately or completely reflect their sense of self or their inner gender experience. 

The Combination

People who accept that they are transgender will often identify as a combination of male and female or man or woman. Transgender also works in conjunction with other gender labels; indicating what someone projects themselves to the public to be. For instance, a person can identify as a ‘nonbinary’ transgender woman or transgender man. Nonbinary is a term that falls under the category describing a person with a gender that is not exclusively female or male. 

The Shemale

Now, you might be wondering about the “Shemale.” This term is quite informal and yet, oftentimes, it is considered to be offensive because of being used in reference to a transsexual or transvestite. Specifically, it is a term used in reference to the transsexual who is represented as male-to-female. In other words, this is someone who was born as a male but has female characteristics and by design may have taken hormones to enhance the breasts. 

Therefore, when someone uses “Shemale” to describe the transgender female, at times, it might imply that the woman is working as a prostitute. In some cases, the word “Shemale” is in reference to the transsexual who has done a transformation but not yet undergone gender reassignment surgery. 

The word is a combination of ëshe’ and ëmale,’ which is self-explanatory. The word, “Shemale” was used in the ninth century to humorously describe the aggressive female. Today, this same word is typically used in such a derogatory way in the porn industry. Rather than use “Shemale,” the politically correct descriptive word should be “transgender woman.”

The Tranny

Most transvestite and transgender individuals don’t like to be called a ‘tranny.’ They find it to be offensive. However, the term is an abbreviated version of transgender and transvestite. People first started to use this descriptive word in the 1960s and it was taken as being defamatory. 

Unlike the word, ‘Shemale,” the word, ‘Tranny” does not refer to any specific transsexual group. It is usually descriptive of all transvestites, transgenders, transsexuals and crossdressers.  When referring to anyone in these groups, it is best to use words like transvestite, transsexual and transgender rather than tranny. 

The Rule of Thumb

The rule of thumb is the extent to which the transgender person identifies as either male or female. For example, the transgender male is one who does not identify as the female gender that was assigned at birth. Instead, the person has a sense of being male and operating as such. 

In some cases, the transgender person might go as far as make changes to their body, appearance and name to show the world that their internal experience is male or female-specific. Some people do not make any changes because of their self-confidence. These people do not feel the need to validate themselves to anyone. It is a personal decision. 

Is It Mental or Psychological

These transgender words or terms are heavily debated in and outside of the gay community. There are some people who feel it necessary to be medically diagnosed or to have surgery in order to validate their experience while others don’t go to such lengths. 

In the past, society labelled these groups of people as being mentally challenged or not properly identifying their gender. Some say it is medical while others think it is psychological. However, today the medical community and a large portion of society have accepted this group as part of a community and have learned that it has nothing to do with medical issues or mental illness. 

The lack of acceptance, understanding and access is what causes issues and some difficulty for transgender people in society.


Despite its history, in some Western countries, the culture does not accept transgender and so many of them continue to feel isolated. However, there is a community of transgender people who look out for each other and help each other to go through the experience. Tranny and shemale slangs are mostly used in the transgender community. 

Both words are sometimes interchangeable. This article may have described the usage and meaning, but bear in mind that you should not use these slangs to refer to the transgender and transsexual person because it will be considered derogatory and disrespectful. Therefore, always try to be sensitive towards transgender individuals. 

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