Top 15 Rules You should know Before you Call Trans Escorts in London


Find Out the Top 15 Rules You should know Before you Call Trans Escorts in London

  1. Before you call a trans escort in London You must check her escort add thoroughly!

2. Do not keep calling the trans escort over and over again if she is not calling you back in that minute It means she is not available or with the client ( so you wouldn’t want your trans escort to answer her call while in action right so Be Patient.

3. Do Not keep what services are included it should be very clear on her escort profile if you are looking specified service then it means she is not providing that service

4. Do not ever Call the escort from UNKOWN or PRIVATE NUMBER you wont really get a respond from a trans escort they will be annoyed so its better to call from your own number or you should get a sim-card and keep that sim-card Just for escorts to make the booking.

5. Don’t bombarding with unnecessary questions that you already know !

6. If you are hopping to get bottomed ( Anal Experience ) make sure to clean your anal area inside & Outside douching is very important there is no escort will want to be top otherwise !

7. Cleanliness its the top important rule ever take a shower beforehand, Brush your teeth, put on clean clothes and some and some fragrance would be Plus for you 🙂

8. When you met your desired trans escort in London don’t examine about their personal life this can be so annoying as you are wouldn’t want to share your private life Right !

9. Whenever you call a trans escort to make a booking but you are not available yourself and keep whispering on the phone asking questions ? Don’t do that if you are not alone or next to someone else why would you call the escort and wispier !!

10. Some clients text to trans escorts ” Are You Available Tonight ” this is the most annoying Text Ever! most escorts displays their work time on their Profile if not Text an hour in advance to make a booking otherwise no one will take it serious.

11. Don’t ask to an escort if there is parking available ! they are not the driver you are !! so once you arrived the destination look for parking instead of asking or check the location area in advance.

12. Be kind, Respectful towards trans escort you are not buying them ! rather paying for her Time Get it ?

13. Booked her for quicke (15min) or 30 mins ? Don’t Expect Full Service ( Top & Bottom ) for short bookings unless you pay for the full hour.

14. Don’t ask her if she does quicke (15 mins ) Most of them don’t provide unless its on their Profile check price section it will be displayed there !

15. Don’t ask trans escort if they are traveling private homes ( Flats ) as you will be ignored mostly travel to hotels Only!


Do your research before you book your trans escort in London and Read her Profile Properly don’t just take the number and call. Its very important to know those Top 15 Rules You should know Before you Call Trans Escorts in London.

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