Preparation Before Visiting a Trans Escort

Trans escort

A trans escort can be a exciting and unknown visit. Just make sure your freshly showered of arrival or before.
That is very important for a shemale escort the word here is “hygiene”remember a clean body is also a appealing body. I mean why wouldn’t you be clean energy fresh you are about to have Sex, trans escort will take her time and pamper herself very well before your arrival. You will never catch a trans escort on a bad day. Every time she is always fresh and nice and open For you to taste every inch of her body.
She will make your fantasy come true. You will not leave like you haven’t gotten your monies worth.
Everything that is offered is sexual pleasure. Kissing sucking, licking fucking, just hours and hours of non stop pleasure.
You will be left just reeling in Ecstasy. You should also prepare your self accordingly depending on what kind of service you require that’s why the nitty gritty details
Should always be discussed with the escort that way there are no confusions. 

Likes/dislikes or a trans escort

Make sure your on time. This goes without saying. Trans escort are pretty flexible and can see you sort notice. But Shemale escorts will expect you to arrive roughly On time. If for any given reason you are running late which of course does happen.
Just drop a quick courtesy call or text.
This will be greatly appreciated from the trans escorts end. The money aspect of the booking should be paid up front first. Cash in hand or a envelope which ever works for you.
This in it self just keeps the atmosphere calm. A trans escort does not like asking for money face to face it’s something that should be paid automatically without saying. Once all
The formalities are our the way that’s when the fun can start. Also one huge dislike is asking for sex without Condom! This is a huge no and you will be asked to leave without a refund. Trans escorts love gifts and love to be complemented.
So make sure your game is top notch.
They Will reward you greatly if you pay attention to detail. 

What to do after the session is over, 

If you have time left within your session.
Have a small discussion with your trans escort, it will help
You feel closer to her.
If you want your more then welcome to take another shower and freshen up before you leave.
They one thing you shouldn’t do is over stay unless your not asked to leave.
A trans escort never clock watches that’s why you will not feel like your session is rushed because it never is. It’s just you and her and your naked bodies twined. Just make sure all your sexual pleasures are lives up to. You can also once all said Is done is leave a glowing review about
Your time spent this will be greatly appreciated by the shemale escort & I’m sure if you let her know your next visit might be even more memorable.

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